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Apex Legends: Leaked Files Reveal New Character Abilities

Apex Legends Season 4 started off in February and it brought us one of the best Legends- Revenant. According to reports, Season 5 will begin on May 5, but that is not confirmed officially. One thing that is more or less confirmed is the new Legend we will get for the season.

Dataminers, iLootGames, have managed to procure some files from the latest update of Apex Legends. According to the information recovered from those files, our new Legend is Loba. Moreover, Loba’s abilities have also been uncovered, getting us all the more excited for the new season.

Let’s take a look at what Loba will bring to the table.

Apex Legends new character abilities leaked

Loba, the ‘Translocating Thief’ will be a huge help for the squad as a whole. Apex Legends has three simple categories of abilities- passive, tactical and ultimate. While Loba’s abilities are now leaked, they do not denote which ability falls under which category, so we’re going to take a gander.

It is apparent from her abilities and her tag as a translocating thief, that Loba has a lot to do with looting. A vital aspect of the game, quality loot can make or break it for you and your squad.

  • Eye for Quality- Loba sees through nearby walls for loot. This, in all probability, is the passive ability.
  • Burglar’s Best Friend- Loba throws a disc to teleport to that location.
  • Supply for Demand- Choose a type of loot and hold to reveal loot in the area around you.
  • Black Market Boutique- Place a device that steals all loot in the surrounding area. This is surely the ultimate ability in my opinion.

There you go, Loba is something of a loot expert. Squads will certainly benefit from her presence, making sure you have all the items you need to push through and survive until the very end.

Well I think we know where the next teaser will be located…

This location matches up with the warehouse sounds that seem to be tied to this teaser.

As you can see the teaser sounds relate to Loba’s bracelet, hologram and ability to teleport. 🙂 pic.twitter.com/ELwkPck54s

— iLootGames (@iLootGames) April 10, 2020

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One ability to be discarded

Keep in mind that there are four abilities listed in the files. This does not fit in with the gameplay and it is likely that one ability will be cast out.

In all likelihood, the developers will discard either Burglar’s Best Friend or Supply for Demand.

However, all this is speculation for now. We will have to wait for an official announcement from the developers until we know everything for certain. One thing we can be sure of is that the new season will feature some elements from the game Titanfall.

All of this put together makes for an exciting future to the battle royale title. Watch this space for more news.

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