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Ford Mustang Races Dodge Challenger, Another Mustang Unavoidably Crashes

Racing at the lights may seem like fun, and it is… until someone gets hurt. Thankfully, only a car has been damaged on this occasion, and you’ve guessed it – it’s a Mustang!

Ryan Reece, the uploader of the following video, says that we’re dealing with two Shelby Cobras and a Hellcat. That’s not actually the case if you look more closely at the rear-end design of the cars. The Dodge Challenger is a pre-facelift from before the 2015 refresh, meaning that we’re either dealing with the 5.7-, 6.1-, or 6.4-liter HEMI V8s instead of the supercharged 6.2-liter engine. As for the ‘Stangs, well, both feature the Five-Oh Coyote.

As the lights go green, the Challenger and white-painted pony duke it out while the black pony on the right burnouts the rear tires before launching off the line. It’s hard to tell if the black car is a manual or an automatic, but the driver clearly needs some sporty driving lessons because he can’t handle a rear-wheel-drive layout in these circumstances.

The Mustang in question slithers to the right only slightly, then picks up momentum as it drifts to the left, then it crashes into the guard rail. In addition to damage to the driver’s side front and rear quarter panels, the airbags have also deployed, and that’s the end of it.

It’s easy to point the finger and the driver’s lack of driving ability, but you wouldn’t be wrong to do it. Overestimating one’s talents behind the wheel isn’t a potential safety risk for himself or herself but for the passengers and other traffic participants as well. Obviously enough, this is exactly the reason why sports driving schools operate on racetracks instead of public streets; a controlled environment always acts as a safeguard.

As for the white pony and the Challenger, want a spoiler alert? Mopar wins the day thanks to a better launch at the lights, keeping the lead until the pans out onto the crashed ‘Stang. Not bad for an older Dodge Challenger with the five-speed automatic transmission, don’t you think?

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