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Head of Google Pixel’s video camera team gives up, Osterloh supposedly knocked Pixel 4 battery life before launch

That person is Marc Levoy, and he’s been at the head of the Google Pixel electronic camera group for several years. Now, he’s gone, according to a brand-new report from The Details, as is long-time smart device lead at Google Mario Queiroz.

Levoy supposedly left the business back in March. Neither Levoy nor Google commented upon the move, however that won’t stop endless speculation about just what caused it. My guess? It’s actually not fun to be the all-star running back on a group that regularly stops working to make the playoffs. Levoy’s history in science and academic community might not have actually made him appear like the kind of person that would jump ship after a couple of dissatisfactions (after all, science is itself an extremely repetitive workout in dissatisfaction), but in the couple of interactions I had with him, he was clearly profoundly proud of the work he and his group did on the Pixel’s electronic camera. I remember flying to Mobile World Congress in 2019, and I happened to be seated beside him on the plane. We chatted a bit about astrophotography, low-light photography, and a few other tangential subjects, but I, like everybody I know who’s spoken with him in this company, was quite awed at not just his understanding of technical photography concepts, but in how well he discussed them. To say Google lost an asset in Marc is probably understating it.

As for Queiroz, he wasn’t well-known by the majority of in the smartphone world, however he had in truth led every mobile phone launch Google’s contributed to since the G1. Obviously, Queiroz had actually switched positions internally at Google prior to the Pixel 4 released, so his departure was most likely on the horizon a long period of time earlier, and he actually left the business method back in January. After 10 years, it’s not precisely surprising someone may select to alter their profession, but losing a longstanding veteran has actually got to be a little demoralizing for the bigger team at Google.

The Details likewise reported a relatively juicy nugget of gossip concerning head of hardware Rick Osterloh. According to TI, throughout an all-hands prior to the Pixel 4’s launch last fall, the executive openly expressed dissatisfaction in the battery life of the Pixel 4. It also possibly speaks a little improperly to Osterloh’s leadership: if he was that worried about battery life, why hadn’t it been a priority much previously on in the phone’s development?

Clearly, things aren’t going as Google and Osterloh prepared with Pixel, and most estimates have Pixel 4 sales down substantially from the already dull Pixel 3. The Pixel 4a’s launch is likely imminent at this moment, and while I definitely do not believe the loss of Levoy or Queiroz are most likely to have much of an impact on that phone at this point, you need to think spirits on the Pixel group is approaching lowest levels.

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