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‘The New Flying Rules’: JetBlue Mandates Face Masks For All Passengers

A tourist wearing a face mask looks at the flight board at Reagan National Airport last month in Washington. JetBlue is the very first significant U.S. airline company to require passengers to wear face coverings.

Alex Edelman/AFP by means of Getty Images.

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Alex Edelman/AFP by means of Getty Images.

A traveler using a face mask looks at the flight board at Reagan National Airport last month in Washington. JetBlue is the first significant U.S. airline company to need guests to wear face coverings.

Alex Edelman/AFP via Getty Images.

Beginning May 4, all tourists who step foot on a plane operated by JetBlue will need to wear an essential device: a face mask. The airline company announced Monday that in one week, it will be compulsory for all guests to cover their mouths and noses upon boarding their flights to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. JetBlue team members have actually currently gotten the same mandate.

” This is the new flying etiquette,” JetBlue’s president and chief running officer, Joanna Geraghty, said in a statement paired with the announcement. “Onboard, cabin air is well circulated and cleaned up through filters every few minutes however this is a shared space where we have to be thoughtful of others.”

In revealing the guideline, JetBlue became the first major U.S. airline company to need passengers to wear a face covering of some sort throughout their journey– from check-in through the minute they step off the airplane at their destination.

But it’s also far from alone in an industry that has actually been steadily approaching a more widespread use of masks: American Airlines and Delta Air Lines recently revealed strategies to require their flight crews to use face coverings beginning today, while United and Frontier released similar orders earlier this month. American and Delta have actually also said they will be motivating guests to use masks by handing them out before flights.

Beyond U.S. borders, on the other hand, Canadian authorities have actually already mandated that all air travelers moving through Canadian airports will be required to cover their noses and mouths.

The basic shift in the airline industry follows an important change earlier this month in the guidelines provided by the Centers for Illness Control and Avoidance. Health officials changed their initial suggestion against using masks, saying that in fact, even casual fabric or fabric face coverings– even when worn by presumably healthy people– can serve a role in slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

The Association of Flight Attendants, a union representing 10s of thousands of crew members at 20 airline companies, including United and Frontier, has actually been vocal in pushing for higher use of face masks– not simply by flight crews however travelers, also. The union’s global president, Sara Nelson, described why in a letter sent last week to federal Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and Health and Person Services Secretary Alex Azar.

” At airline companies employing AFA member flight attendants, at least 250 have actually tested positive for the coronavirus that triggers COVID-19, and flight attendants have died as a result of the infection too,” Nelson stated.

She included that flight attendants, whom she explained as “aviation’s very first responders,” have actually been grappling with sensations of guilt, fear and unpredictability about their position in the pandemic.

As NPR reported Monday, airline company passenger need has actually plummeted more than 95%from early March, and the International Air Transportation Association has actually found that airlines worldwide are predicted to lose $314 billion this year alone.

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